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Delivering pathogen testing, at the speed of software.
One test, all pathogens, in hours not days

Rapid and comprehensive blood test to detect all common pathogens.

Enable timely and targeted care and fight antibiotic resistance 

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Our Story

A spin out from UC San Diego, Melio, an angel and venture-backed startup, is developing an innovative AI-powered sequence profiling platform. Today, blood culture tests take days to identify pathogens. While awaiting results, physicians treat patients empirically with broad spectrum antibiotics. This leads to adverse consequences and a rise in antibiotic resistance, a public health crisis and the leading cause of global mortality killing 1.3 million people in 2019.

Melio is addressing the problem by delivering a clinically actionable fast and comprehensive blood test for common pathogens found in blood-stream infections. We are starting by delivering a product for newborns. Melio’s test will reduce unnecessary hospitalizations at births and enable timely and targeted treatment with the right class of antimicrobials, only when needed. 

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Our Innovative Instrument Platform

Our patented technology allows us to quickly and accurately identify blood-based pathogens using a novel DNA melting technique followed by AI analysis. Melio’s all-in-one device offers an end-to-end integrated user workflow, and can be scaled to multiple disease indications. In order to empower healthcare providers to deliver more precise and quality care, Melio is continuously building upon its technology, 

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How it works


Melio's device detects pathogens using AI-enabled classification of their nucleic acid melting profiles. Our device delivers highly sensitive and specific results  quickly in hours instead of the status quo today which takes days, allowing newborns to be tested, diagnosed, and treated in the same day.

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Step 1

Collect Sample


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Step 2

Load Sample

Single use, test specific cartridge


Step 3

Run Test

Clear results on instrument

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