Data Scientist, Machine Learning Intern

About the Role

Melio is hiring a Data Science intern to participate in the development of the Melio’s data platform for our proprietary Pathogen Identification technology. 

Job responsibilities:

  • Performance optimization of current machine learning methods 

  • Refinements to the image stabilizing, denoising and analysis

  • Provide data guided feedback to Assay and Device development teams 

  • Analyzing and presenting results from experiments conducted with Assay team 

Support roles: 

  • Work closely with the Infrastructure team to architect and implement data pipeline and visualization tools.

  • Support training & onboarding users for using Melio’s cloud based-data analysis and visualization tools at satellite labs and collaborator sites.


  • Strong background in image processing, probability theory, hypothesis testing, and software engineering skills

  • Experience with git for version control within a team setting

  • Proficiency in python (including familiarity with Pandas, Numpy, SciKit Learn, OpenCV, SciPy) and well versed with the use of Ipython notebook)

  • Experience with data visualization libraries (Matplotlib, Plotly, Seaborn)

  • Hands-on experience (projects or prior internships) with implementing ML solutions on large datasets

  • Experience with analysis of time-series datasets will be preferred

  • Candidates with prior experience with microscopy data would be prefered

About the Company

Spun out of UCSD, Melio is a fast growing startup based in the Bay Area. Melio is developing a patented low-cost, benchtop, platform technology to test for common pathogens with the ability to detect novel emerging threats. Melio’s platform builds on the power of AI/machine learning with digital melt analysis for blood culture independent testing in under 3 hours from sample collection.